Thursday, September 1, 2011

Runic sticks made by our friends

Tonight's blog post isn't actually about something I've made, or planned to make. This time, I thought I'd show you what some of my friends do with their spare time... Carita and Marcus make such lovely runic sticks, inspired by similar medieval finds. These pictures below I took this summer as they stopped by for a chat and some light handicraft. 

 I just love this type of secret runes! The best ever!
When we got married C and M were kind enough to make a runic stick for us as well. I just took some pictures of it to show here on the blog but I can't seem to find the cable, and thus I'm unable to get the pictures out of the camera... But it's very pretty, and usually hangs in our bedroom window as a reminder of our wedding day.

Each of the four sides carries an inscription; one with my name, of with my beloved husband's name, one with a quote from a real medieval inscription, and one with a secret inscription.

The quote is from a runic stick from Bryggen, Bergen. It reads: 

Unn þú mér
ann ek þér
kyss mik

This roughly translates to "If you love me, then I love you. Kiss me." (The original also contains the name Gunnhildr, and ends with a "kann ek þik" - "I know you well.") The last side of our stick, inscribed with a row of little heads (like the one in the picture above!), turned out to be a signature telling the reader carved the runes. I love it, so once more - thank you Carita and Marcus! 


  1. I agree, the little bearded men are probably the greatest form of writing ever invented.

    Well done reading the cipher!!

  2. I also love the bearded men! :) And the fish.
    Raþ rett runar þessar! :)
    ///\\\\ //\\ /\\\ /\ : //\\\\ /\\\\\\\\ //\\ /\\\ //\\\\\\\\

  3. At first I was like "there is no eighth rune", and then I was like "oh wait, eight times three is twenty-four." Elder futhark, and the mystery was solved :D

  4. How come codes are so fun?! :P Thanks for popping by, Annette!