Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Working on the toille...

This evening I spent some time working on the toille, with quite a lot of help from Marcus. After a whole lot of thinking the other day I came to the conclusion that the lovely golden fabric I bought for the purpose of making this dress, was just not right for this purpose. Thus after an extra trip to the fabric store (I must be one of their best customers!) I returned home with three meters of dark red taffeta, which I hope will look good on me.

The there was the toille. I tried it on, pulled at it, thought hard, tried it on again, and sighed. It just didn't look good. And it wasn't a problem with the fitting... it was the pattern in itself that just didn't look good on me. The waist was fine, very fitted and nice, but above that everything was a fluffy mess and not fitted at all. 

But screw the pattern, I want a dress that looks good on me! After all, the point here is not to make an authentic 1950s dress but to make something pretty. So I simply cut off the sleeves of the toille and completely reworked the sleeves and how they connected to the rest. And the result looks SO much BETTER! Now lets just hope that it looks as good with the red taffeta!

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