Saturday, September 10, 2011

How to weave edging strips with a rigid heddle while at the same time selling insurances

1. Put your headset on!
2. Put your feet (or at least one foot) up on the desk.
3. Fasten one end the warp on your big toe, and the other end around your waist.
4. Start to weave.
5. Don't forget to keep talking to your clients!
6. Ignore weird looks from fellow office workers.
7. Sell enough to make the others jealous.
8. Explain for the hundredth time that weaving while working actually helps your concentration.
9. Don't bother to untie yourself from the warp while on a coffee break (everyone already thinks you're a bit weird), just let it hang from your waist.

So I finally finished my first edging strip woven directly onto the fabric, with a rigid heddle. The result is a small pouch, the perfect size for keeping my hemp head cloth out of harm's way while I'm not using it. I'm pretty pleased, although the linen fabric in itself turned out to be a bit too easily unraveled. This meant I had to take rather large stitches into the fabric, or else the edging strip wouldn't have stayed on, so it might not be the prettiest in the world. But for a first try I think it's pretty good, or what do you think? 


  1. Ja, jag tycker då att det ser jättefint ut! Grovt imponerad av att du klarar att handarbeta och sälja samtidigt. Multitasking woman! :)