Sunday, September 18, 2011

What I have learned (dress making problems)

I have to admit it, I'm completely inexperienced when it comes to modern sewing. Yet, the trouble I've had with the red taffeta dress aren't really due to the modernity of the piece... Last night when the dress was almost done and I tried it on I was completely disappointed, it didn't look good at all. After all of this work I felt incredibly frustrated (and I still do!) but I will try to learn from my mistakes and do better next time.

What I have learned (checklist for future sewing)

  • Make absolutely sure that you have enough fabric for the pattern! No guessing, measure!!!
  • Don't attach the lining to the outer fabric until the very end, as to make sure that NO seams are visible!
  • When attaching the skirt to the top... make absolutely sure that it's sewn onto the correct height, by pinning it on first while wearing it!
  • Buy enough thread for the entire piece. 
  • Have enough time to re-do at least a few of the seams, as some things will probably always go wrong.

As you might have guessed, I haven't finished the dress yet. I'm bringing the dress to work today so I can untack a couple of seams which I must re-do tonight, if I can just get a hold of some more thread. Keep your fingers crossed... I have to finish it tonight, no excuses!

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