Saturday, September 17, 2011

Continued sewing

Isn't the blogging community wonderful? When it came to sewing the zipper to the back of the dress I didn't have a clue of how to proceed. The store clerk who helped me pick out a zipper guided me to a hidden sort, that's supposed to be more or less invisible. But how on earth is it done? Well, I simple googled "sy dragkedja" (Swedish for "sewing  zipper") look what came up - a wonderful little tutorial from a blog called Josefin Design. Thank you Josefin, you cleared it all up for me!

So now the zipper is in place. I just spent way too long trying to get the pleats on either side of the chest symmetrical, and what's left to do with the top is fix the sleeves and cuffs. The collar is already done (and I love it!) and the lining is fastened to the taffeta.

I'll try to get the sleeves and cuffs done tonight, and then the only thing left for tomorrow is the skirt (which I haven't even cut out the pieces for yet!). Hopefully this time plan will work, because I really want to have the dress finished before Monday.

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