Thursday, September 22, 2011

Red taffeta dress finished, yay!!!

It is done! My first piece of modern sewing, a red silk taffeta dress made specifically for my cousin's wedding this Saturday. It's not perfect, but I've learned a whole lot and I really like the result.

I am especially fond of the collar and neckline, I feel incredibly comfortable in it! If only the lining would stop popping out... I have hand sewn around the neckline which made it look much better, but still the lining pops out. I guess I should place some stitches further in, keeping the flimsy fabric away.

Now, it doesn't look like it in the pictures but just before the photo shoot I carefully ironed the skirt... But obviously the taffeta doesn't want to stay neat and tidy, as it took about 10 seconds to undo the ironing.

Now, I can't wait to get started with my next sewing project!


  1. Tackar! Ja, jag tror inte jag behöver skämmas iallafall nu på bröllopet, även om det finns småsaker som kunde gått bättre. :P

  2. This is a very cute dress. I love the collar!

  3. Thanks Kathy! Yeah the collar is my favourite part to, I love the contrast of a rather high collar AND such a deep cleavage...