Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Unicorn embroidery!

My latest embroidery project is based on this gorgeous 14th century unicorn embroidery, from Köln in Germany. My version is done on a piece of pink linnen and is meant to be stitched onto my 14th century outfit. I am using split stitches, letting the needle pass through the thread, creating a very smooth surface.

This is the first time I've worked with this type of stitch and I think I'm starting to get a hang of it. I should however admit that I made a silly beginner's mistake as I transferred the pattern... Despite me being careful when tracing the lines, they ended up just a millimeter or so outside of the template, which I didn't actually realize until after I'd done most of the head. At that point, when I noticed that my unicorn wasn't as slender as the original, it was already too late to go back without ruining it all. I just hope that it'll still look good in the end.

Though I am really an archaeologist (master's degree from Uppsala University), at the moment I have a much less inspiring day job selling insurances, which basically just pays the bills. But what's even better, I have no problem sewing or needlebinding while at the same time doing my job! Actually, I feel that having that distraction helps me keep sane and focused, and helps me perform damn well. The last picture hints of my favourite work position: laid back with my feet up on the desk with my embroidery in the lap, and the computor running next to me.
At first I got some weird looks from the others, my bosses especially wondering if I could really concentrate on my job while at the same time doing all this other stuff! Now they don't even raise an eyebrow when I pick it up, and I can do my thing in peace. So yes, I do like my work, and I don't think I've EVER gotten so much hand sewing done before!


  1. What a lovely unicorn, it will look lovely on your outfit!

    And it's great to have a boss that let's you do embroidery during work time :-)

  2. Thank you! And yes, it's great to have a boss that understands that I actually work better if I get to keep my hands occupied with embroidery or needlebinding, but of course I wouldn't have been allowed to continue with it had it turned out to cause problems. In other words, as long as I keep selling insurances at the rate that I do now they won't complain about my handicraft! :P Except for the cleaners, who I'm sure already complain amongst themselves at the amount of trash constantly winding up on the floor by my seat... like pieces of fabric, threads och bits of yarn, the occasional needle... hehm... =)