Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sewing linen napkins

To some people, sewing linen napkins probably seems like a waste of time. Why not just use paper napkins? Why spend so much time on something that ordinary? Many people probably think of it as a redundant luxury for the rich and wealthy, or for fine dining restaurants.
I must admit, I have at times thought the same. But lately I have come to appreciate the beauty in ordinary objects made to last. I am tired of buying paper napkins just to throw them away, no matter how pretty they are. And after having switched to washable cloth rags for cleaning the kitchen and dusting, and feeling that there was absolutely no loss of hygiene (since I wash the rags as soon as they start getting the least bit icky) while at the same time sparing the environment... I felt that it was time to also start using linen napkins.

So earlier this week I walked by the local fabric store and bought some pale greyish green linen that was both discrete and beautiful, and this evening I began sewing. By now I've finished five and I have eleven more to go, but there is no rush and I'll finish the rest another day. I'm even considering putting monograms on them, how crazy am I!?

I admire the way people of the past put time and love into creating everyday objects, and these napkins to me represent a tiny step towards recreating that. I just hope that they will be good and functional, and that I'll be able to wash away future stains...

By the way, this environmentally friendly thinking... I wonder which really has the least effect on the environment, washing cloth napkins in the washing machine or throwing away paper napkins and thus wasting paper... What do you think?

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