Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Needlebinding: stitch A

Hey everyone!
I thought I'd start documenting the stitches I use when needlebinding, for my own sake (I tend to forget) and for the sake of everyone who is trying to learn. I generally just come up with new stitches as I go, and therefore I don't know the "proper" names of the stitches I do... And since I don't use my thumb in the traditional way it looks a little bit different from what you might be used to. Anyways, this is what I choose to call Stitch A.

The finished surface looks like this...

And here is a short video showing how to do it! The needle first moves from the right to the left through the two loops on the RIGHT side, then from the left to the right through the two loops on the LEFT side.

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  1. Hi, I love this stitch and would like to try it. But how do I start the fist row? Just an Oslo stitch or something like it?