Monday, April 18, 2011

Needlebinding: stitch B

It is time for stitch B!
This stitch is done inside out - in other words you have to turn the project inside out when it is finished. The surface looks like this...

Then how is it done? First, pass the needle right-to-left through the loop to the RIGHT of your last stitch. Then, find the tiny loop running at an opposite angle, half-eay hidden to the left of the loop you just passed through.

Yeah, lets repeat that last part, slowly...
Look to the LEFT of the loop you just passed the needle through. See the tiny loop, running in the other direction? Only halfway visible? Yeah, that's it. Pass the needle through it, from right (upper right) to left (lower left).

Next, pass the needle through the loop to the LEFT of your last stitch, from right to left. Then TWIST the needle so that you can pass the needle through your last stitch from the left. Pull the needle and yarn all the way through.

Sounds complicated? It's not as bad as it sounds, I promise! =) Here is a video of how it's done:

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