Saturday, April 23, 2011

Needlebound sweater in progress + mittens and socks!

Project sweater is coming along nicely! When it is finished you can look forward not only to pictures of the finished product, but also a guide I've been working on with instructions on how to needlebind a sweater. It will be illustrated with pics from my current project, so make sure you check it out in a few weeks or so! So far I've gotten to the lower part of the shoulders, so it is actually already wearable! =)

While waiting for the sweater pics I thought I'd show you some more old needlebound things of mine. These socks and mittens I made this autumn, using an incredibly soft and fluffy yarn. Not my best work but still pretty ok, or what do you think?

(See the cat in the lower right corner of the last pic? That's Trix, a beautiful kitty found just across the road from our house, seriously mistreated and almost dead. She now resides at my mother's place, living happily ever after. =) Mjau!) 

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