Thursday, April 21, 2011

New and Revolutionary Hair Toy Hanger

Since the dawn of time I, and my beloved husband, have been tormented by a constant clutter of hair toys... They were in the bathroom, in the bedroom, in the livingroom... everywhere! Without casting blame on anyone in particular (eehhm) I decided to do something about it. And here it is, the NEW and REVLUTIONARY HAIR TOY HANGER!

I made it from some leftover fabric (very sturdy dark blue cotton), with a piece of cardboard enclosed for stability. It has five separate horizontal hangers as well as three pouches (one for scrunchies, one for hair sticks and one for stuff that won't fit anywhere else!).

Hopefully this will put an end to the terror of bobby pins gone astray, scrunchies popping up everywhere and the generally bathroom mess! Hurray!

(Perhaps the future will bring an equally new and revolutionary trinket holder for all non-expensive jewlery... Hmm... I just gotta figure out where to hang it!)


  1. That's a really good idea :)

  2. Thanks Anette! It's a bit strange that there are no similar hangers out there already, that's not for use in stores... I just wish I'd thought of it sooner!