Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My first attempt at spinning

Meet Caspar and Balthazar, our two wonderful Norwegian forest cats!

These two adorable monsters have a loooot of fur. And every time we comb them I get a fistful of lovely, soft fur... Which I have been saving for some time now, waiting for the right opportunity to spin some cat yarn! And now the day has come; after making my first spindle I felt ready to give it a shot. Since this was my first attempt I kinda... "forgot" to prepare the fibers. (In reality I was just a bit lazy and really felt like getting the spindle to spin, nothing fancy!) So the fobers were tangled and unwashed, but hey it still worked! 
It was pretty tricky to get the yarn relatively even but I guess that will get better as I get more accustomed to spinning. But the result is still rather cute, right? =)

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