Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New adventures!

Hi all!
It's been a while now since my last update here... The last couple of weeks I have spent working at an elementary school/junior high, and it's been TOUGH! But lets forget about that and instead talk some crafts! :P

I am proud to announce... that I've finally learnt how to crochet! *happy dance*

It's silly, but I've always avoided learning to crochet. I've done knitting. Needlebinding. Embroidery. But never ever have I even TRIED to crochet! But not any more! I can't say I am good at it, but I'm improving every time I  work on it and I have to say the result isn't too bad. I haven't got a picture for you yet but it'll come, once my first masterpiece (uhm... or not) is done. =)

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