Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ram's horns

When I looked through blogs I found a gorgeous card weaving in blue, orange and yellow: (

Now I have already posted an update today and wasn't planning on posting any more today, but seeing that beautiful picture made me wanna show my own ram's horns:

I used linen threads in black, dark red and what in this picture looks like white (when it's really more cream coloured). Never again am I using that thread! It broke constantly and it felt like I spent more time tying together broken ends than actually weaving! *shudders* But I'm still pretty happy with the result... I will have to come back to you with a picture of the finished ribbon, sewn onto one of Marcus' outfits.


  1. Oh that's really helpful!!! I tried keeping the tablets together with tape, but that does not work at all... Next time, I'm going to use a pin too!

    ps: you have a lovely and interesting blog!

  2. Thank you! I'm glad someone reads it! :D Yeah, weaving without such a pin to hold i together is not fun... Very practical!