Sunday, January 2, 2011

Needlebound socks for big and small

These grey socks are THE most comfortable socks EVER! As usual, I improvised a for me new stitch and this time it turned out great, or what do you think? The small blue socks are made with the same stitch, but well... they are tiny, made for a baby. Kinda cute, right?

 Interested in trying the stitch? Well, lets see... If I remember correctly it goes something like this:
1. through the stitch directly to the right of your previous loop, from the right
2. through the tiny loop inbetween your previous loop and the one you just went through (it's hidden behind, more horisontal), from above
3. through the stitch before your last loop (to the left), from the right
4 twist the needle and go through your previous loop from the left

Simple enough, right? =)

I find the back prettier than the front side, so I usually turn over the end result. And I should perhaps mention that I generally needle-bind without using my thumb... I find it much more practical! One can do the same stitches either way, though.

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