Thursday, July 7, 2011

Two needlebound babyhats!

I have finished my two first babyhats for the Värma liten project (previous post here explains it all!), hooray!. Since I have had some fun ideas on how to develop my needlebinding technique I seized the opportunity to try something new...

Both hats are decorated with needlebound flowers... Something I've never done before, and I have never actually seen any done by others either! The green baby hat has a white flower, seen below. The inspiration came from the plumeria flower, which is just agonizingly pretty! My needlebound version isn't as beautiful, but I'm still pretty happy with the result.

Now check out the white stripe that runs from the top to the bottom. This is also something I've been thinking about for a while, and I've never actually seen anyone else do it. You know, it's easy to make stripes of different colours going horizontally across the fabric, which is done by simply switching the colour of the yarn at regular (or irregular!) intervals. This however was my first attempt at creating colour patterns beyond that, and the first step was creating a line that runs vertically across the fabric. It may not look like much but for me this is actually revolutionary!

The second hat, which by the way is really tiny, is red and made by yarn that is much thinner than what I'm used to. This means the resulting fabric is very fine and right, and I really love the look of it. It is decorated with a needlebound flower, which isn't actually black but really dark blue...

Now, I really wanted to try the hats on a real baby to see how the size was. But lacking babies I got one of my cats to volunteer as a model... He was delighted, and the hat fit perfectly. Or what do you think?  


  1. "He was delighted", inte riktigt va :P

  2. *fniss*

    eehm... nä inte riktigt... :P

  3. hur gör du blommor och vertikala linjer?

    1. Ursäkta att det inte kom ett svar! Har varit frånvarande från bloggen i några år. Men det var en bra fråga! Och... jag kommer inte på något vettigt sätt att förklara utan bilder. Så jag får ta och skriva ett inlägg om det med en förklaring!