Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Warming a little one . . . (värma liten)

Yesterday I cam across this post in another blog (it's in swedish), which immediately caught my attention. It refers back to yet another blog, which writes about a project called Värma liten - "warmin a little one". The original post is also in Swedish, but let me translate the important bits for you...

"In the civil war in Congo, many women suffer. Rape has become a weapon of mass destruction. Some of these women are helped at the Panzi hospital, led by dr Denis Mukwege. (...) A lot of children are also born at Panzi hospital, and those children we want to help. The children need hats to protect against cold nights and harsh sunlight, they need blankets and other clothes

The magazine Dagen, the publishing house Libris and the charity organisation PMU are collecting knitted and crochéted baby hats, baby blankets and other baby clothes all of this summer. We will make sure they go directly to Panzi hospital, where they will be put to good use!

Would you like to contribute?
Knit or crochét in sizes from newly born to 1 year. Use yarn that is easily washed by hand and remember that what's needed isn't exactly winter clothes.

Knit something that you just as well could give to a little one close by, and a mother in Congo will surely be just as happy as a mother would be here!

Send what you (and your group?) have made to

Dagen - Värma liten
105 36 Stockholm

If you send it so that it's delivered before the 15th of August your contribution will go in the very first shipment."

Now of course I feel like contributing! Although I am getting a hang of crochéting I still work best with needlebinding, so that's what I'll do. At least to begin with. Now I just have to figure out how to make a hat that fits a baby... But I'm sure I'll work it out!

Now, if anyone is reading this post and feel like joining in, but feels a bit lost in all this Swedish stuff, just post a small comment here or send me an email and I can help you with info or whatever. Let's make sure the Panzi hospital is totally swamped with wonderful and practical baby clothes!


  1. Hej!

    Tack för att du sprider budskapet! Och på engelska också, supebra! Låter väldigt spännande med nålbundna babykläder. Du måste hojta till om du fotar dem sedan, vill gärna se resultatet!

    Många hälsningar från Maja

  2. Absolut, jag fotar och kommer lägga upp snarast. Har en mössa klar men kan inte publicera bilden riktigt än, då jag är hemifrån nu i helgen. Sen är det ytterligare en mössa på gång (röd med svart blomma!) och sen får vi se hur mycket jag hinner.

  3. Tack för att du hjälper till att berätta om insamlingen, Fanny! Du får gärna lägga upp bilder av dina mössor på Värma liten-Facebook-sidan också. Det finns ett litet album för färdiga bidrag där!
    Hälsningar från Anna