Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mead making part II: review

A month and a half ago when we bottled our first batch of mead I promised you a review of the result when the bottles had rested for a while. So here we go!

The 6th of June held a wonderful medieval picnic with a bunch of friends, in the woods by a small pond. Of course we felt that this was a great day for some mead tasting, so we brought a small bottle. It was somewhat disappointing as the taste was far from what we expected (though it tasted better after a while, courtesy of the Alcohol...). Hmpf, not what I wanted.

Now, at midsummer we decided to give it another shot, this time adding a bit of honey. Eureka! Suddenly it tasted like we wanted it to, marvellous! So now I can't help wondering if the mead we've tasted before has been similarly spiked with honey... hm... But anyhow, I can now say that the first mead batch was a success after all! We just gotta remember the honey.   


  1. You can't go wrong with honey! I made mead once several years ago with very similar results. It was a lot of work and I decided I'd let other people make, I'd just buy it and drink it! On the subject of Honey and alcohol, I also enjoy this product sometimes...
    Though it can be a little too sweet!

  2. Thanks! But I must say that I didn't find it to be too much work, for the amount of mead produced I thought it was just fine. =) But next time we'll definitely make MORE!