Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sweater-mending and oh, one more needlebound babyhat!

I promise, no more baby hats before I've finished the 14th century outfits! 

However, this last hat I'm really pleased with, and I think I'm starting to get a hang of this pattern-making thingy. Or what do you think? Still looking for someone else who also does these kinds of patterns in needlebinding, with colour changes more complex than just the normal changing-of-yarn thingy. Wow, it really is too late for blogging, I'm having serious problems putting together a sentence. It all seems to come out as jibberish. Anyhow,  here is the last baby hat.

A couple of days ago my boss came up to me and asked for a favor. Seeing that I'm always knitting, could I possibly have a look at her sweater? It was a bit torn and she had no idea how to mend it, but perhaps I could do something about it? I, of course, did not mention that I do needlebinding, not knitting. And though I had no idea how to mend the tear in the knitted fabric I nodded and said that I'd give it a go. 

Here is how it looked before I began....

And lo and behold, I did it! It was tricky business, but somehow I got the yarn through the correct loops and managed to sew the ends together. So here it is post mending... Pretty good, huh?


  1. I bet that such a repair in a knit is easier for those of us who do nålbinding, because we are used to pulling a whole length of yarn through stitches to a pattern...

  2. Hi there, thx for being on my blog. I am busy to change the language in my blog. Woudle be nice if you will be my followe too. Love your blog! I am trying to needlebinding, i get the hang off it someday :-)

  3. Hi again! It's great that you have switched to english, so that I can follow you as well. And good luck with the needlebinding!

  4. Hello, I am a reenactor who has just started needlebinding and was very impressed with your work. Since you are an archaeologist as well I was wondering if you knew of any historical sources or examples of the needlebound hats. I have already made socks based on the coppergate sock, which I found very enjoyable and was hoping to make more things.
    My email is
    Much appreciated, Matt.

    1. Hi Matt! I've been searching my memory, but no I can't actually remember seeing any... Socks and mittens, yes! But no hats as far as I can remember. However, there is no reason you shouldn't make a needlebound hat if you want to! Needlebound hats are, as you probably know, often used by reenactors. No actual archaeological sources but everyone is convinced they existed. =) But no, if you only want to create exact copies of medieval finds then I think you're out of luck in this case. If you do come across an original needlebound hat then please let me know, I'd be very interested in seeing it!