Sunday, October 9, 2011

Making More Mead!

Here we go again!

The mead we made this spring was such a success that we decided to start a new batch. Once again, we use Kalle Runristares recipe, described in this old blog post of mine. This time, however, we don't have to use a plastic bucket! (Which, by the way, will still hold the batch of lingonberry syrup for a month or so until that's done...) We got two old dame-jeannes from my very kind relatives, one of which we used today. Not only does it look a whole lot better than a plastic bucket, and feel way healthier since no nasty chemicals will be passed along from glass as can be from plastic... it also contains a whole lot more! So this time we could follow the recipe all together, not sizing it down in any way. Which meant 17 liters of water and 3,5 kg of honey. Which hopefully will turn into lots and lots of marvelous mead!

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