Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lingonberry syrup part II: bottling and tasting!

As some of you might remember from THIS post, I have had a bucket of lingonberry syrup on the way since the 4th of september. Today it was finally time to strain and pour the resulting liquid into bottles, yay! The smell was lovely, and reminiscent of glögg (Swedish traditional drink, similar to mulled wine), while the color was a rich nuance of red.

But what about the taste?! It says in the original recipe from 1873 that the lingonberry syrup is supposed to be mixed with drinking water. This had me thinking of sweet, modern lingonberry syrup that is too concentrated to drink as it is, and must be mixed with quite a lot of water. But this lingonberry syrup is nothing like it's modern counterpart!

First of all, mixing it with water just ruins the taste (at least that's what both me and my husband think). Drinking it as it is, however, is a real treat! The taste lies somewhere in between glögg and mead, spiked with lingonberries! And there is definitely alcohol in it, without having measured it we're guessing at some 6-8 %. The cardamom and cinnamon gives a sense of Christmas, and I think this will be very well suited for winter consumption. On the other hand, it would suit just as well during a warm summer evening, with the elegant taste of lingonberries and mead. Together with the lovely red color which makes the brain associate it with wine, the general impression is great. In other words, this was a recipe I'd be glad to use again, and would recommend to all! (The recipe is in the original blog post, linked at the top of this post!)


  1. Grattis till det positiva slutresultatet!

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