Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Blogsphere frustration!!!

Waargghhh! What's up with all of these (mostly american) blogs that claim to be about crafts and homesteading but that in reality seem to be all about religion?!

Yeah, so I'm a bit irritated. I've been surfing around the blogosphere looking for interesting craftsy homesteading blogs, and there sure are a lot out there. However, time and time again blogs with potential (as I see it) fall flat because the writers feel the need to include God and Christianity in every other sentence. 

Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with religious people in general. In fact I am rather spiritual myself, but since this is a blog about HANDICRAFT I have no desire to rub my personal faith in your face. (For that I could write another blog, where people who are interested in my faith are welcome to read all about it but where they don't need to suffer through recipes and pictures of crafty stuff.) But apparently the (mostly american) blogging community that is devoted to crafts/homesteading issues can't help themselves, they just gotta show in each and every blog post that they are good Christians and just how much they love Jesus. Seriously dudes, everything doesn't have to be about religion. I understand how important your church is to you, but wraaararrrhhh!

So now you might just be thinking "well, nobody is forcing you to read those blogs so stop complaining!" and yea sure, you've got a point. The thing is there is so much great and wonderful stuff out there in those blogs, so many ideas and recipes and designs and plans and and and... I want to read those blogs because yeah, they're packed full of stuff I'd be interested in. I just don't wanna also get hit over the head with a religious stick in 99% of the times, it's horribly distracting. If I wanna read about religion I'll go to a blog about religion. If I go to a blog about arts and crafts I'm in it for the - wait for it... - for the arts and crafts! It's like borrowing a romance novel from the library but being told that you must also read this or that sci-fi novel, otherwise you won't be allowed to read the book you really came for. A tad bit annoying. 

Aaaand breeeaathe...

Do any of you get what I'm talking about or am I just rambling? Any suggestions on good homesteading blogs that are NOT so extremely focused on religion? 

And finally, I'd just like to say to anyone who might feel like this is aimed towards them. I'm sorry if I'm upsetting you, but this whole problem revolves around the fact that I LIKE (most parts of) your blogs and I want to read them! Just preferably without the preachings, please!


  1. Orkar inte ta detta på engelska...
    Men det där är något jag också stört mig på. Jag har utgått ifrån att det är en kulturell grej. Tron verkar vara väldigt involverad i många amerikaners liv på ett helt annat sätt än vad det är i Sverige. Jag tror också att jag som "hedning" kanske reagerar extra mycket på det. Jag försöker hålla min livsåskådning utanför mitt 1700-tals bloggande men ibland så kommer det med, tex när jag insåg att en vanlig accessoar var en fint band med ett stort kors. Jag bär inte kors som accessoar av respekt för de som är kristna så då var jag tvungen att byta ut korsett mot något annat. Och följden blev att jag kände mig tvungen att tala om varför jag inte vill bära ett kors som är HK för den tid jag porträtterar.

    1. Skönt att höra att jag inte är ensam! För övrigt tycker jag om det din princip att inte bära kors som accessoar, just av respekt för de kristna. Sen att i det läget nämna religion och livsåskådning i din blogg är ju helt naturligt, eftersom det faktiskt i det fallet är relaterat till vad bloggen handlar om!

  2. Believe me, I understand how you feel!!! I am from South Carolina, USA (heart of the Bible-belt!!!) but live in Ulricehamn Sweden since the mid 1990s. When I was growing-up in the 1970s religion was something you dealt with on your own time (such as at Sunday School) and NOT something to force on everyone else. Then the Christian Right took over the Republican Party and part of the Democrats and there has been no escaping since. :-(

  3. Wow, I had no idea that it had gone that way, I just assumed that the Christian Right in the US had been even stronger before and that things had actually eased up a bit?! Huh, I guess I've learned something new today then! =) Thank you for popping by and commenting!