Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Update on house and home!

Hey you!
Once again, I'm sorry for not posting too often at the moment. We are now moved into our new home but we're far from done, there's lots of stuff left to fix and enormous amounts of unpacking left to do...

I'm still amazed at how beautiful it is here. I LOVE this piece of land, and I'm so happy to call it home. Here's the view from our living room window... Seems like we get a lot of fog around here! This photo was taken just the other night. It was even more gorgeous in real life!
Here's me, painting the garage. Unfortunately after three days I still had one wall left to do and then the weather put a stop to it. Rain, raing and then snow. And one's not supposed to paint while wet, nor in temperatures below 5 degrees C. So still, there is one wall left unpainted.

Working on the inside of the garage, learning how to use fun modern power tools and NOT cutting any fingers off! :P
 That's all for now. I have a couple of pics I wanted to show you along with some kitchen craft, but as it turns out my phone (in which I have the relevant pics!) has severe mood swings and is currently not speaking to me. So that will have to wait.

Until next time, take care!


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