Thursday, November 29, 2012

Making perfume

Winter is coming! This morning the landscape outside my window had turned crispy white, beautiful... Moving on. It's perfume making time!

I am out of perfume. Empty bottle, nothing left. And at the moment I can't really go spend lots of money on new perfume (it's disgustingly expensive, isn't it?!). But though I've moved out from the city and turned into a lantis (the swedish equivalent of a 'hillbilly') I'm trying not to become a complete slob, and thus I still wanted new perfume.
Add to that my constant need to expand my knowledge base and crafting skills, a few very instructive sites on the basics of perfume making, and what do you get? But of course, perfume experiments on the way!

Measuring cups, essential oils (I just bought four little bottles to try... if this experiment is a success I'll buy more, I'm sure.), vodka, glass jars, and a notebook for keeping an exact record over the ingredients.
This is just plain vodka. In the first jar I used 1 dl, in the second only 1/2 dl (it dawned on me how much 1dl of perfume really is, I needn't make much while I'm just experimenting!)
Here I've mixed in the essential oils (the recipe I will keep secret...), stirred the mixture and closed the lid (the plastic is just to make it air tight).
As I said, I made two different versions. As you can see the oil floats at the surface, not mixing with the alcohol. The alcohol will however pick up the scent. Now it just needs to rest in a dark place for a couple of days, then I'll add a little water and a little glycering (which apparently should make the fragrance more durable).

I'll return to you with an update on the result once the ageing is done!

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  1. Hej! Hur gick detta!? jätte nyfiken!
    skriv gärna mail till mig jag har lite frågor.!