Thursday, January 5, 2012


I'm sorry I haven't updated the blog in a while, with Christmas and a whole lot to do at work I've been unusually short of blogging ideas. However, this evening I thought I'd share with you my latest little kitchen craft project, that I'd like to call "Sore throat, go awaaaaay!"

I've suffered from a sore throat for a couple of days and since I talk all day long at work it just hasn't gone away. So tonight I decided to try something new. Ginger! We all know ginger has great medicinal effects, and several of my friends have recommended me to try it. So I bought two great big chunks and put through my marvellous juicer, and produced extremely fresh and potent ginger juice.
Since I quite a lot at one go (and felt like doing something pretty!) I then bottled the liquid in glass bottles that I'd just rinsed with boiling water, to get rid of any nasties. Of course I also boiled the corks, and pressed them  in real tight. The bottles I will keep in the fridge, and though I don't really know how well it will keep like this I felt it was worth a shot.I just finished my first cup of hot water mixed with ginger juice and honey. Yum! And judging by the sensation in my throat, I'd say the concentration was rather potent. =) I'll try to drink a cup each day for a couple of days, and we'll see if my sore thoat get better. Fingers crossed!

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