Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hjärtekatt ("Heart Cat")!

The other day I came upon this great initiative. For those of you who don't understand Swedish... It's called Hjärtekatten, "the heart cat". Just a few days ago (I think, I can't really find a starting date) two very caring ladies started a collection for the kids at Queen Silvia's Children's hospital, at the section for kids with heart conditions. Their goal is to collect a hundred crocheted cats, which the ladies seemed to think was a bit ambitious but... well...

The ladies who started the initiative just a few days ago have been surprised at people's great wish to contribute... Yesterday they had already gotten 50 cats, and today they got a note from the post office, saying that there was a whole garbage sack full of mail waiting for them... So I wouldn't be surprised if they reach the goal of 100 cats by tomorrow, and I'm sure they will get a lot more as well! Which would just be good, I guess, since unfortunately there are a lot more than 100 kids with heart conditions.

Since I just learned how to crochet I also wanted to contribute, and today I finished a blue crochet cat named Muffins, and I'll send him away right away. I am so proud, considering I've only crocheted a kettle-holder before and had a lot of problems following the instructions... But the instructions provided for a Hjärtekatt were really good and it really wasn't too tricky.

If any of you international folks would like to contribute as well I am sure it would be very very appreciated as well, the site is just in Swedish but I guess you can just email them. Or even email me and I'll send you the necessary info. =)

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