Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Granny squares - testing a new pattern

Last night I found this exciting granny square pattern (I'm sorry it's only in Swedish) and I just had to try it. Here is the result!

It turned out to be considerably larger than the other (traditional) squares I've done, so unfortunately they don't fit together. However, I'm thinking of trying to make a smaller version of this one. If I crochet the two inner parts (the lilac and white) it's ALMOST the size I want it to be, so if I can just make a smaller square frame around it then... it could work. Not sure how to do it though, I'm still kinda new at doing crochet... Any suggestions? And when on the subject, do you have any favourite granny square versions? I'd love to see more! Do you know of any that fits together (in size) with the traditional (at least, the one I've heard is the most traditional here! You can see them in the second pic.) granny square?

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