Friday, August 17, 2012

Photo update in-between cramps: Mead, paper and painting.

Today is one of those days when I spend every other minute laying down with intense cramps (menstruation from hell!), and I'm thus unable to work. The small chunks of time where I'm NOT actually beaten down with cramps, I thought I'd take some pics of stuff I should show you...

 These bottles are filled with mead, made this spring/early summer. It turned out great and should only improve with time! It's also stronger than it seems and may provide one mean hangover.

I'm particularly proud of these labels. Not only have I finally gotten a hang of writing with an old-fashioned dip-in-ink pen, I've also made the paper myself!

For the paper, I recycled scrap paper and mixed with water. It wasn't a hundred percent successful (the home made frame and mesh could use some improvement, more on that in a later post!) but it was FUN! I'll definitely be making more paper later on, when I have the time. And then I'll try to remember to write a blog post about it right away! :P

Now what on earth is this? Ehm... well, sometimes I paint. Nothing fancy, I'm no artist for sure but I like it. This is my favorite so far.
Well, that's all for now. Time for me to curl up into a ball and try to get through the pain. It's rising again now, like a dark wave knocking me out. Ajajaj...


  1. If the mead is as nice as the mead i tasted, then its pretty darn good.

    Btw seen that systembolaget here in Uppsala have a few different meads aswell ? Can be intresting to just taste some of it i think.

    1. We should have a mead testing party with all the different kinds of mead we can find! :P