Saturday, June 9, 2012

Second candle making experiment!

Hey there! I'm sorry I don't update this blog as regularly as I used to, but everyday life and work seems to get in the way more often now... Anyhow, this has been a good week for crafting. Playing around with plastic bags (!) as a re-usable material has been interesting, and will earn a separate blog post in the near future (when I've taken some pics to show off!). My first ever attempt at paper making (recycling old paper) was tremendous fun, and that too deserves a whole new blog post once I've taken some pretty pics of the result. So what am I going to show you tonight?

Well, since it's late and I'm tired I'll settle for something short and sweet. A few days ago I made new candles out of left-over bits of old candles by melting and molding. I've done this once before as some of you might remember, which resulted in two light pink candles. This time I got three candles in light green that turned out beautiful and one in white that I made a mess of and will have to re-melt next time.

Once again, I only used left-over bits of old candles without adding any additional colour or material. Well, except for the wicks of course! Can't re-use those, can I!  So this light green color is purely the result of what color of old candle stumps I put in the mix.

I am particularly proud of the two flower shaped candles, made in moulds originally meant for soap (I think!). I modified them simply by piercing the bottom of the mold so that I could put the wicks through, but other than that it needed no adjustments. Pretty, isn't it? =)

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