Monday, April 16, 2012

Making candles!

This is something I've been longing to try... I'm sick and tired of throwing out left over candle stumps, and for the last months I've been saving up for a candle making experiment. In other words, this is pure do-redo as all the candle material is reused. Only the wicks were bought new (and the two candle molds I used, which I can use over and over and over!) The candle color is a result of the white and red stumps I mixed together, no new pigments were added.

Aren't they pretty! A comment on the scale: don't be fooled by the proportions of the candle to the left, I know it looks like a tiny tea light, but it's really some 5 or 6 cm across. The mold is a lot higher, I just didn't have enough filling for it all and settled this for now. Next time will be a different colour, and I'll try to make at least one really tall pillar candle.Yay, this was fun recycling! =D


  1. Jag har också planerat att göra egna ljus. Investerade ljusmassa med vekar i julas som jag skall blanda med ljussumpar. men har inte kommit igång ännu.